The Comic

Helper Bot is an all-ages science fiction comic about an unwaveringly optimistic little robot who assists people in the diverse metropolis of Robot City.

The story follows Helper Bot, the top helper robot at the help-for-hire company Helper Hub, as he fulfills help requests, explores the city, and makes new friends. Helper Bot is altruistic, nonviolent, and truly believes in the power of helping others, and the comic explores how that outlook can influence one’s relationships and community. Helper Bot is a corrective to pessimistic dystopian stories, depicting a world where robots and humans have coexisted peacefully for centuries, and where technology has improved the lives of all citizens.


The Author

Helper Bot is written and drawn by Jeff Gibbons, a comic artist originally from Toledo, OH. Jeff has been self-publishing comics since 2009, including Pretty Jeff, a semi-autobiographical webcomic that is now defunct. Jeff is a founding member of COWBOY HOUSE, an art collective consisting of Fred Frances, Mike Madsen, and himself. Together, the three of them provided a monthly subscription service called the Cowboy House Correspondence Club from January 2014 to September 2015. In March 2015, they successfully funded six issues through a Kickstarter campaign.

Jeff resides in Pittsburgh, PA.